We supply an assortment of live bait to help you catch!

NIGHT CRAWLERS—Available year-round

Night crawlers are large, reddish-colored worms that reach lengths of 8”-10”. All of our large Canadian night crawlers are hand picked on farms in Canada. They are guaranteed for count and quality. Although they are a favorite food of many birds and reptiles, and are widely studied by biology students around the world, the largest demand, by far, comes from fishermen. All types of fresh water fish, and even some salt water species, have fallen victim to a lively night crawler dangling in front of them. Our crawlers are packed in custom mixed bedding to sustain them for extended periods of time and are best kept refrigerated at 35-45 degrees F.

TROUT WORMS—Available year-round

Our trout worms are imported from Europe where they are grown on large worm farms. They are 2 1/2”—4” long and can endure a wide range of temperatures and conditions. They are packed in our custom mixed bedding and have an excellent shelf life. Worms have a variety of uses from pet feedings and fish bait to composting. Many bird and reptile feed programs require these high-protein worms to keep their animals happy and healthy. Serious gardeners use these worms for composting and improving their soil. However, fishermen probably appreciate them the most: from their perfect pan fish size to their lively action on the hook—they catch fish!

DILLIES (BABY NIGHT CRAWLERS) – Available year-round

Dillies are juvenile night crawlers. They are hand-sorted out of the larger, mature night crawlers. They have no bands on them and are usually 4”-5” long. They have all of the same characteristics and applications of the large night crawlers and are a favorite of fishermen seeking something between a trout worm and a night crawler.

SPIKES—Available year-round

Spikes are the larval stage of the bottle fly. They are a soft-bodied maggot approximately 1/4”-1/2” long. Like wax worms, they are a favorite of both the pet and fishing industries. While they are perfect for feeding small animals, they are also the preferred bait of pan fishermen across the country. They can live for an extended period of time when refrigerated at 32-35 degrees F and will become extremely lively when brought to room temperature.

MEAL WORMS—Available year-round

Meal worms are the larval stage of the darkling beetle. They have a tough, golden exoskeleton, are cylindrical and approximately 1 1/4”-1 3/4” long. While they are a high-protein favorite of many types of birds and reptiles, fishermen use them year-round for many species of smaller fish.

MOUSSIES—Available Nov.-Mar.

Moussies are the larval stage of the drone fly. They are grayish colored, soft-bodied maggots with a tail and measure approximately 1/2”. Ice fishermen have long appreciated them for their effectiveness in catching pan fish.

WAX WORMS—Available Nov.-Mar.

Wax worms are the larval stage of the wax moth. They are approximately 3/4” long soft, white caterpillars with black-tipped feet and small black heads. They are used extensively in both the pet and the fishing industries. They live for an extended period of time without refrigeration and, most importantly, they catch fish.

FAT HEADS – Available year-round

Perch Bait are approximately 1 1/2″ to 2″ long.   We also have Rosie Red Perch Bait available as well.

ARKANSAS GOLDEN SHINERS – Available year-round

We carry four different sizes of Arkansas Golden Shiners – a Small Medium (1 1/2″ to 2 1/2 “), Mediums ( 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″), Heavey Mediums (3 1/2″ to 4″), Pike Bait (4 1/2″ to 5″).


These items are sold seasonally in New York stores only.  We carry White Suckers (two sizes), Soft & Hard Shell Crayfish and Leeches.

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